CyanClub allows you, the "User", to use our web portal and mobile apps free-of-charge for both personal and commercial use. Striving to develop the best, most innovative and useful technologies, CyanClub hopes to build a high quality web portal, user-friendly web tools and good mobile apps to help users in their daily life.

By posting materials to CyanClub on our portal, mobile apps and our related platforms, the User hereby agrees to grant CyanClub the rights to use the materials for publicity and promotional use at no charge. In addition, the User allows CyanClub to use, copy, modify, display, distribute and reproduce all such materials in any form, media, software or any technology that might arise. As CyanClub periodically monitor content posted by Users on our platforms, CyanClub may, in its sole discretion, remove any content or materials that it deems objectionable, offensive or unlawful.

Assess to Service
By using our services, the User agrees not to use any robot, spider, any automated programs to monitor our platforms or the content on our platforms without our prior written permission. Any actions to excessively load our systems will be strictly prohibited.

Service Charges
CyanClub provides free web tools and mobile apps to help users in their daily life.

Penalties and Termination
By installing, using and/or completing your registration with our CyanClub portal or CyanClub mobile apps, Users are obliged to ensure that
  1. User is of legal age and is otherwise capable of forming a legally binding contract/agreement
  2. User does not engage in any offensive, unlawful, deceptive, immoral practices or misdoings on, CyanClub mobile apps or any CyanClub related platforms both online and offline
  3. User will conduct their transactions professionally and allow their actions to be judged fairly by other users and CyanClub staff
  4. User will be responsible for the transactions carried out using their CyanClub accounts
  5. CyanClub reserve the rights to implement its company policies and reject any user who might be in violation of our policy regulations
If there is any violations of the terms and conditions of CyanClub, CyanClub reserve the rights to terminate the CyanClub account of the errant User or to penalize the account of the errant User accordingly.

Intellectual Property
All content and materials on our portal, mobile apps and our related platforms are the exclusive property of CyanClub or its content suppliers, and may be downloaded or printed only for your own personal and non-commercial use.

All copyright materials found on our portal, mobile apps and our related platforms will remain solely the property of their respective copyrights owners. Individual permission will have to be sought directly from the respective copyrights owners on their usage.

As a condition of use for this CyanClub portal, CyanClub mobile apps and CyanClub related platforms, User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CyanClub from and against any and all liabilities, expenses (including attorney's fees) and damages arising from or out of claims resulting from your use of its services, including without limitation any claims alleging facts that if true would constitute a breach by User of this agreement.

CyanClub will always strive to ensure the accuracy and reliability of all information contained on our portal, mobile apps and our related platforms. However, errors do sometimes occur and CyanClub cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information on our platforms and is not responsible for any errors, omissions, misrepresentations and program bugs that may occur.

As the CyanClub portal, CyanClub mobile apps and CyanClub related platforms may provide Users with opportunities to link to, or otherwise use sites or services offered through or by other third-party(ies), your use of such third-party sites or services will be subjected to the specific terms and conditions posted by these third party(ies). CyanClub has no control over any such third-party site or service and is not responsible for any errors, expenses or damages that may result from the use of such sites or services. You are to exercise extra precaution and make careful judgement before deciding to assess such sites or services.

Additional Terms
The above Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Singapore laws and can be subjected to revision and improvisation from time to time.